Verse: Nehemiah 13:6-14

NOTE: this one is much longer and includes some more thought provoking questions to take with you as you reflect on the entire book of Nehemiah.

Summary: Keep at it. Stay the course. Fight for what is right and true. Don’t be afraid to stand against those who compromise. Persevere. And in the end God will use you to accomplish extraordinary things.

(READ Nehemiah Ch. 13)

What Happened?

  1. What seems to be happening throughout this section?
  2. What are some of the specific things that seem to upset  Nehemiah?
  3. What station (official authority) did Nehemiah have to bring about change?
  4. When Nehemiah decides to take a stand, what does he do?

What did it mean?

  1. We learn from the text that the Levites had fields. What is wrong with that and what does it say about the Levites?
  2. What did compromise do to the Israelite culture?
  3. What does this passage reveal about the people Nehemiah was serving and those he was working against?
  4. What was Nehemiah hoping to achieve, and what do his actions reveal about him?

What does it mean to me?

  1. What is the most difficult thing about serving God through great works? (It can be tough to rely on God’s appreciation when we really want to be recognized by man)
  2. Even in spite of doing everything right and making great sacrifice, people will turn and forget in a heartbeat. How do we keep ourselves in tune to God’s appreciation without leaning on man’s appreciation? (It may begin in understanding that the measure of our obedience is not necessarily found in man’s reception of it)
  3. What impact does compromise have on our ability to be extraordinary?
  4. What is the cost of doing the right thing?
  5. In what ways have you set out to do something big to serve the Lord that seemed to have fallen apart?
  6. How did you feel towards God and how did you feel towards those that contributed to the dismantling?
  7. How did God use you through the process?
  8. How could God have used you even more through the process?
  9. How do you persevere when things are tough?

Final Thoughts – Three things about becoming an extraordinary person:
1. Extraordinary people refuse to compromise

2. Extraordinary people are willing to persevere

3. Extraordinary people don’t expect (or need) to see results in their lifetime.

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