We will not meet on Sundays, August 2-September 6, 2020.  During the break, here are some terrific ways (ALL FREE) you can help keep your kids in the Word.

MINNO Church at Home 
Visit the link each Sunday for a new video and downloadable story & coloring page. Note:  The Church at home session is free, but Minno also has a monthly subscription service where you can access additional videos for kids.

SUNDAY KIDS LIVE on All Stars Kids Club https://go.allstarskidsclub.com/categories/totally-live-shows
This Sunday program was shot in the UK each Sunday but the sessions are available on the website so that you can view anytime.

This is a live session at 9:02am & 11:17am (available for replay afterwards).

SADDLEBACK KIDS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEbM1vIWVubIANRR54YuS0g
This is a selection of videos on You Tube developed by Saddleback Church – videos for all ages.

There isn’t a specific Sunday program, but Right Now Media has a whole library for kids with tons of Bible story videos & cartoons. Email Cindy@TrinityNY.org for an invitation to create your password.

I hope you have a wonderful August filled with relaxation, family and friends and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be back together again in September! 

Miss Cindy, Children’s Ministry Director

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