GODQUEST Bible Adventure Workshops is a Bible study designed exclusively for Trinity to meet the needs of our own 1st through 5th grade kids! In GODQUEST, the children work on key themes and concepts of a particular Bible story for a period of several weeks.  This allows the children time to dig deeper into the meaning of the story learning how to apply its principles to their own lives.  Each week, the children rotate to a different workshop. While the main objectives of the study remains constant in each of the workshops, the children get the chance to explore the same story several different ways!  Some of the kid-friendly workshops offered over the course of the year include….ART, DRAMA, MUSIC, GAMES, COMPUTERS, COOKING, SCIENCE, STORYTELLING, VIDEO & MORE!

Our Current Study

January 10-31


In this rotation the GODQUEST children will focus on the story of Jesus’ calling of His disciples, primarily on the calling of the first four:  Peter (Simon), Andrew, James & John.  They will come to understand not only what it means to be a disciple of Jesus but see how this call applies to those who follow Him today.  We are all called to carry out His mission and even young children can do so by telling others about Jesus, by coming to learn about Him on Sundays and by caring for others.

Story:  Matthew 4:18-22 & Matthew 10:2-4

Lesson Objectives – Students will:

  • locate the story of Jesus calling the disciples in the Gospel of Matthew and retell it in their own words.
  • know there were twelve original disciples, but identify Peter (Simon) Andrew, James, and John as the first four called by Jesus.
  • become familiar with the terms:  “call”, “disciple”, “apostle”.
  • understand that we are also disciples of Jesus and we are called to “fish for people.”
  • recite Matthew 4:19 & Matthew 10:2-4.
  • enjoy their study; be blessed by the study; have fun!
Memory/Quest Verse

Key Memory Verse:

Matthew 4:19 – “Come follow me, Jesus said.  And I will make you fishers of men.”

QUEST Memory Verses:

Matthew 10:2-4 – The names of the original twelve disciples.