GODQUEST Bible Adventure Workshops is a Bible study designed exclusively for Trinity to meet the needs of our own 1st through 5th grade kids! In GODQUEST, the children work on key themes and concepts of a particular Bible story for a period of several weeks.  This allows the children time to dig deeper into the meaning of the story learning how to apply its principles to their own lives.  Each week, the children rotate to a different workshop. While the main objectives of the study remains constant in each of the workshops, the children get the chance to explore the same story several different ways!  Some of the kid-friendly workshops offered over the course of the year include….ART, DRAMA, MUSIC, GAMES, COMPUTERS, COOKING, SCIENCE, STORYTELLING, VIDEO & MORE!

Our Current Study

April 11 – May 9

A Faithful Friend

In this rotation, the children will learn one of the most well-known and loved stories in the Bible, an inspiring one of friendship and loyalty between Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi.  Ruth’s story was written to show that God wants everyone to love and care for one another and to live their lives in service and giving to others.  It also demonstrates the lineage of David and Jesus as Ruth was the great-grandmother of King David.  The book of Ruth is one of only two books named after a woman (the other is Esther) and you can find it to follow along at home in the Old Testament section of the Bible.

Story: The book of Ruth

Lesson Objectives – Students will:

  • locate the story of Ruth in the Old Testament and retell the story in their own words.
  • Identify the main characters — Ruth, Naomi, Boaz and Obed.  Explain Old Testament customs of gleaning and kinsmen redeemer.
  • recognize that Ruth’s obedience to God brought her into Jesus’ family line as the great-grandmother of King David and several generations later, Jesus.
  • understand God’s love for everyone  no matter our different backgrounds or cultures– we are part of His family by faith, not by birth.
  • learn that Ruth trusted God to provide even when times were bad and God guided her every step of the way.  When we trust in Him, he will do the same for us.
  • recite Ruth 1:16b & John 1:12.
  • enjoy their study; be blessed by the study; have fun!

Each week, a different workshop will be used to teach the lesson – Video, Cooking, Science, Games & Art!

Memory/Quest Verse

Key Memory Verse:
Ruth 1:16b – “…Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”

QUEST Memory Verses:
John 1:12
– “But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn!”