GODQUEST Bible Adventure Workshops is a Bible study designed exclusively for Trinity to meet the needs of our own 1st through 5th grade kids! In GODQUEST, the children work on key themes and concepts of a particular Bible story for a period of several weeks.  This allows the children time to dig deeper into the meaning of the story learning how to apply its principles to their own lives.  Each week, the children rotate to a different workshop. While the main objectives of the study remains constant in each of the workshops, the children get the chance to explore the same story several different ways!  Some of the kid-friendly workshops offered over the course of the year include….ART, DRAMA, MUSIC, GAMES, COMPUTERS, COOKING, SCIENCE, STORYTELLING, VIDEO & MORE!

Our Current Study

January 6 – February 3, 2018


In this rotation, the GODQUEST children will learn the story of Nicodemus and study one of the most well-known verses in the Bible, John 3:16.  In the story, they will see that Jesus was trying to teach a difficult concept to Nicodemus, the idea that God offers us a ‘rebirth’, a chance at a brand new life – a spiritual life.  And all that is required is that we believe in Jesus.  In fact, Nicodemus didn’t even ‘get it’ until after Jesus had been killed.  But when we are open to God’s leading, we receive His Spirit, and grow in our relationship with God.  Then we gain a new way of looking at things and become more aware of God’s love in our lives.  It takes work – but the outcome is well worth it!

Story: John 3:1-21

Key Memory Verse:

John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  (NIV)

Quest Verse:

John 3: 17 (added to verse 16)“…For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.”

Lesson Objectives – Students will…

  • locate the book of John in the New Testament and be able to retell the story Nicodemus.
  • consider how Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus changed him and how our encounters with Jesus change us too.
  • explore the meanings of key concepts water, spirit, rebirth/renewal to understand the ideas of “being born of water and spirit”.
  • discuss the cost of discipleship, including how Nicodemus eventually responded to Jesus.
  • know that there will be times when we struggle with our faith and realize that asking questions is always okay.
  • recite John 3:16 and for the QUEST challenge, add verse 17 (NIV).
  • enjoy their study; be blessed by the study; have fun!

The four workshops for this rotation are:

Science:  The children will become detectives to discover clues that will help them learn the story of Nicodemus.  They will then conduct two experiments, one to understand the concept of being “born again” and the other to see that Jesus is needed to remove our sins.

Drama:  Children will hear the story of Nicodemus using The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories.  They will then become roving reporters and interview several congregants to explore questions they created from the story and also meanings of key concepts in the story (water, Spirit, rebirth/renewal).  With the remaining time, the children will practice their memory verses using Cal & Marty Computer game.

Video:  The children will get an overview of the story by viewing two video accounts of the interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus.  To help them with memorizing John 3:16, they will create an acrostic using the letters G-O-S-P-E-L.

Art:  The children will learn the story of Nicodemus through association of symbols.  They will then create paintings by blowing through straws rather than brushing the paint, so that their artwork is born of water and the spirit.