GODQUEST Bible Adventure Workshops is a Bible study designed exclusively for Trinity to meet the needs of our own 1st through 5th grade kids! In GODQUEST, the children work on key themes and concepts of a particular Bible story for a period of several weeks.  This allows the children time to dig deeper into the meaning of the story learning how to apply its principles to their own lives.  Each week, the children rotate to a different workshop. While the main objectives of the study remains constant in each of the workshops, the children get the chance to explore the same story several different ways!  Some of the kid-friendly workshops offered over the course of the year include….ART, DRAMA, MUSIC, GAMES, COMPUTERS, COOKING, SCIENCE, STORYTELLING, VIDEO & MORE!

Our Current Study


Sep 18 – Oct 9

Father Abraham

Genesis means “beginnings.”  As a book of beginnings, Genesis tells us about the beginning of the world, the beginning of human race, and the beginning of a nation through Abraham in a new land (Canaan).  The focus of this rotation is the story of Abram (Abraham) and the covenant God made with him.  God promises to make Abraham the father of a great nation.  He would be blessed and be made famous, and in turn become a blessing to others.  His descendants would be like the stars in the sky or the sands of the sea – too numerous to count!  God would maintain this covenant with Abraham’s descendants, and He would give them the land of Canaan.  God’s covenant with Abram (Abraham) is repeated at least four times in the book of Genesis (12, 15, 17 and 22).

Story:  Genesis 12, 15

Lesson Objectives – Students will:

  • locate the book of Genesis in the Old Testament and be able to tell the story of Abraham and Sarah’s journey in their own words.
  • learn that Abraham was called by God and blessed by Him.  Abraham was given a promise (covenant) that he would be the father of a nation and as believers, we are “adopted sons and daughters” of Abraham.
  • explore the meaning of key words: patriarch, descendant, covenant, genealogy.
  • see that just like Abraham, God also has made a covenant with us through Christ and He has given each of us many blessings too.
  • realize that God always keeps the promises He makes and even the impossible becomes possible when we trust in Him.
  • recite Hebrews 11: 1 (NIrV) & Jeremiah 29:11 (NIrV)
  • enjoy their study; be blessed by the study; have fun!

There are four workshops for this rotation:

StorytellingThe children will follow the journey of Abraham and Sarah making stops around the country of Canaan to learn some key points in Abraham and Sarah’s lives.  They will interact with Bible characters at each stop to reinforce what they are learning and will do object lessons to understand that just as God promised, the descendants of Abraham are too numerous to be counted.

ComputerThe children will use a special computer program Abraham & Sarah to learn about their faith, patience, and obedience to God in following Him on a difficult journey.  The focus of this workshop is unprecedented trust in God.  The children will conduct two object lessons centered on following and trusting someone for guidance even when the end results are not clear.  They will then use Cal & Marty Scripture Memory CD to play games to reinforce memorization of both the unit Quest verses.

Art/GenealogyThe children will study the genealogy of Abraham to understand the connection of God’s promise to him with Jesus and all believers.  They will hear the story of Isaac’s birth and discuss several other key descendants of Abraham plotting each of these Bible characters on a genealogy tree that they will each create.  As a final activity the children will build a dominoes track to signify Abraham’s obedience that put in motion the blessing of the covenant.

Games:  The children will play a geography game that is designed to simulate the journey of Abram with his family.  They will learn through the game experience that life has choices and by being faithful and trusting God they can make better choices.

Memory/Quest Verse

Key Memory Verse:
Hebrews 11:1
(NIrV) — “Faith is being sure of what we hope for.  It is being certain of what we do not see.”

QUEST Memory Verse:
Jeremiah 29:11
(NIrV) – “’I know the plans I have for you,’ announces the Lord.  ‘I want you to enjoy success.  I do not plan to harm you.  I will give you hope for years to come.’”