June 2018: Make Time for the 3 R’s: Rest, Renewal, Reflection

As the school year ends, most families with school-age children breathe a sigh of relief that hectic schedules are ending for a while. Before you fill the “lazy” days of summer with nonstop activities, take a much-needed break to consider the many benefits of rest. Children and parents all need permission and space to unplug, reflect, and be renewed. Use the ideas in this month’s newsletter to explore different ways to follow Jesus’ example by slowing down and focusing on God.

Highlights of this new issue include:

  • Insights, ideas, and information about why rest is so important for kids and families.
  • Discussion starters that help families pause to understand why being busy can distract us from God and each other.
  • A review of new books, movies, and apps.

Thanks for teaching your children how to slow down, rest, and focus on God.

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