Practice Outreach in your own Neighborhood

During the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has caused lots of stress, separation, and cancellations. Yet several bright spots have brought much-needed light to the dark times and your family can be one of those bright spots! Use this out-of-the-ordinary period to show your kids just how far a little kindness can go. In this month’s newsletter, you and your family will find all kinds of enjoyable and creative ways to show kindness to those around you without breaking social distancing!

Highlights of this new issue include:

  • Unique ways to reach out to friends and neighbors and share Jesus’ love .
  • Discussion starters to explore how kindness changes the world-and hearts-around us.
  • A review of new books, movies, and apps.

Thanks for teaching your children how to show God’s love to others!
June 2020 CM Newsletter

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