Jesus Always Forgives and Forgets

People of all ages often have a tough time forgiving others-or asking for forgiveness. Letting go of our hurt and anger when we’ve been wronged can be challenging. And admitting when we’ve messed up is rough on the ego. Thankfully, Jesus provides us with complete forgiveness and also shows us how to live as forgiven and forgiving people. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find fun, interesting, and easy ways to teach your children about forgiving others as Jesus forgives us

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Insights, ideas, and activities that show how Jesus forgives us and then wipes away our sins, as well as great ways for parents to model forgiveness.
  • Discussion starters that prompt families to talk about the harder parts of forgiving others and the gift Jesus gives us through his forgiveness.
  • A review of new books, movies, and apps.

Thanks for helping your children know that Jesus always forgives!

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