Jesus is the Way to Heaven

Death is a tough topic, especially for children. It’s challenging to explain why people die and what happens to them after they die. Some kids have little experience with death, while others may have had their world turned upside-down by a loved one’s passing. Death is sin’s ultimate “sting,” but for Christians, Jesus has erased it. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find creative and uplifting ways to help your family explore Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and gift to us as his followers and what it means for our eternal lives.

Highlights of this new issue include:

  • Insights, ideas and activities that grapple with our lives on earth, our eternal place with God, and what heaven is like.
  • Discussion starters that will help kids gain a deeper understanding of concrete and abstract realities about Jesus and heaven.
  • A review of new books, movies, and apps.

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