From January 6th to April 7th we will be in a sermon series called “Who am I? — An Exploration of the Book of Ephesians.”

Ephesus was a center for pagan worship. Temples to various pagan gods stood as testimony to the individualism that was so rampant in the culture. In everything from commerce to worship, people were in it for themselves. Paul wrote this letter from prison around A.D. 60 to encourage the believers to better understand their identity and the importance of being unified.

In sports, teamwork almost always overcomes raw individual skill. Players must learn to appreciate and complement each other’s talents, so they learn to play as one. When this happens, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. The church of Jesus works much the same way. Whether a local congregation or the worldwide body of believers, the church is made up of people of all temperaments and backgrounds. If they know their identity and they’re unified, amazing things will happen. This was Paul’s message to the church in Ephesus, and it remains God’s message to us today. During this series we will attempt to answer the question “Who Am I?” from God’s perspective. Each week, the sermons and the small groups will consider a different aspect of our identity so we can live the life God envisioned for us before the creation of the world.

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