July 2020 Parent Newsletter

Give All Your Worries to God

Summer is typically a time to “de-stress” and enjoy less-hectic schedules, fun outings, and time with extended family. The summer of 2020 – along with so much else – has been upended by the pandemic, however. Now more than ever, parents need to be proactive about recognizing signs of distress and helping children de-stress. Use this month’s newsletter to explore different ways to give your worries and fears to God.

Highlights of this new issue include:

  • Lots of activities that remind families that God is always with us and knows what we are feeling.
  • Discussion starters to explore how we can intentionally give our worries and fears to God.
  • A review of new books, movies, and apps.

Thanks for teaching your children to trust God with whatever is on their hearts!
July 2020 CM Newsletter

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