In preparation for CHM Level II in July, the Trinity Prayer Team is hosting a CHM Level I viewing! For anyone interested in going to Level II in July, Level I is required. If you want to freshen up on Level I material or want to learn more about how to pray for healing, please come!

We will be viewing CHM Level I training videos covering topics like Physical Healing, Inner Healing, Forgiveness, and Generational Healing.  This is open to all but space is limited so please sign up.



  • Desire to learn how to pray for healing
  • CHM Intake Form – we will have you fill this out when we start the viewing.  This will not be collected but will be for your own personal use and awareness.  It will help you follow along in how the training applies to your own personal healing.


  • 1:30pm – 3:00pm


  • Every Sunday starting 4/15 to 6/17
  • 4/29 we will NOT be meeting


  • Trinity Fellowship Hall (lower level)


  • Open heart and mind
  • Level I Manual (optional, but if you are interested in one please let us know)
  • Bible, pen, paper for notes

If you have questions, please email:

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