On Friday October 12th, the men of Trinity will be returning to Camp-of-the-Woods in Speculator, NY for our annual MANCATION (men’s retreat)! This two-night retreat will feature fantastic food, worship, bonfires, outdoor experiences, time to relax and great teaching from Chuck Frank.

You know you need this!  

We have reserved two lodges at Camp-of-the-Woods: Larsen Lodge (their newest and nicest lodge) and Seneca, still very nice, but not quite as many amenities as Larsen. Those who attend will have those options for lodging plus all meals and access to all the amenities at the camp. 

For more details, contact James@trinityny.org


Larsen Single Occupancy for $316 (6 rooms with King-sized beds)—6 spots

Seneca Triple/Quad Occupancy for $206 (8 rooms with twin beds)—32 spots

If you would like to provide a full or partial scholarship for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford to go, please contact James at james@trinityny.org.


If you need transportation or you intend to drive on your own and have room to take people with you, please indicate that when registering

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Friday October 12
3:00pm                 Leave Trinity for Camp-of-the-Woods
6:00pm                 Stop for Dinner on the way
8:30pm                 Check-in
9:00pm                 Reception
10:00pm               Free Time

Saturday October 13
8:00am                Breakfast
9:00am                Worship with Dave Kim
9:15am                 Talk #1: Chuck Frank
9:45am                 Group Discussion
10:30am               Free Time
12:00pm               Lunch
1:00pm                 Free Time (Group Hike for those interested)
5:30pm                 Dinner
6:45pm                 Worship with Dave Kim
7:10pm                 Talk #2: Chuck Frank
7:50pm                 Group Discussion
8:30pm                 Free Time
9:00pm                 Bonfire/S’mores/Worship

Sunday October 14
8:00am                 Breakfast
9:00am                 Worship with Dave Kim
9:15am                  Talk #3: Chuck Frank
10:00am               Group Discussion
10:30am               Group Prayer
11:00am                Communion
11:15am                 Free Time
12:00pm               Lunch
1:00pm                 Check-Out/Depart for NYC

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