Below are forms to request: announcements, a Trinity event listing on the website’s calendar or use of space at Trinity Baptist Church. For questions, please email the church office at or call: 212.838.6844.

Announcement Request Form – use to submit an announcement for the Sunday bulletin or the Happenings newsletter and our website. Deadline: Tuesdays at noon.

Ministry Event Request Form – to request that an event be added to the calendar and/or to request space for a Trinity-sponsored event. Deadline: Mondays at noon at least a week in advance of the event date.

For externally sponsored events, please email your request to or call 212-838-6844 x 210 for an application.

Ministry Contacts

Alpha is an evangelistic arm of Trinity which serves those who wish to gain a better understanding of the basics of the Christian faith in a nonthreatening environment. For more about Alpha, please go to the Explore Christianity page.

Audio/Visual Arts
The Audio/Visual Arts Ministry includes working in the booth during Sunday services and other events with lights, sound, or visual components of the service/event.

The Benevolence Ministry distributes benevolence funds to those in our community who are going through a difficult time and need help with practical needs. For more info, please visit: Need Help
(Deacons: Shadia Oshodi, Marla Sireci)

Children’s Ministries =
Directed by Trinity staff, the Children’s Ministries serves, instructs, and develops the children of Trinity from birth-5th grade. It also helps connect parents and provides learning opportunities for them at Trinity. For more about the Children’s Ministries, please go to the Children’s page.

Counting Ministry =
The Counting Ministry provides teams of two counters for each Sunday service to count the tithes, offerings and benevolence giving to provide transparent stewardship and accountability.
(Counting Ministry leader: Peter Canepa)

Elders =
Elders are responsible for caring for the congregation (shepherding), guarding the truth of the scriptures (theological), and setting the direction for the church (missiological). For more on the Elders, please go to the Leadership page.
(Elders: Fred Atkins, Brian Newby, Dave Page, Ross Queener, Timothy Tien)

International Students Fellowship
The International Students Fellowship shares the love of Christ with international students who are far from home and in need of help adapting to a foreign culture. (Leaders: Crystal Poon and David McCreary)

The Membership Ministry helps visitors and attendees have the vision for, understand the process of, and take the next steps to becoming members of Trinity. (Deacons: Sandy Barnett, Lenise Romero-Renz)

Missionary Care
The Missionary Care Ministry cares for and encourages the missionaries Trinity supports around the world. For more information about the missionaries, please go to the Missions page. (Deacon: Joel Mills)

Prayer Ministry
The Prayer Ministry helps the Trinity community develop as prayerful people, to specifically lift up the needs of our congregants and our efforts to “go out” to advance God’s Kingdom in our city and in the world. For more information about the Prayer Ministry, please go to the Prayer page.
(Team: Betty Berg, Pamela Bradley, Dan Ryan, Lauren Ryan, Nathan Stringer)

Rwanda Missions
Trinity takes mission trips to places of need, specifically through our long-time partnerships in Rwanda. For more information about the Rwanda Missions, please go to the Rwanda page.
(Rwanda Deacon: Sarah Page)

Small Groups
Bible studies help the Trinity community study the Word of God and grow deeper in faith. You can join by contacting the leader of the group on the small groups page.

The Walk
The Walk creates a place of fellowship and connectivity for people in their 20s or 30s at Trinity. For more info, email:
(Walk Leaders: Jasen Blakney, Agnes Bouchet, Kali Campbell, Romane d’Oncieu, Cathy Zhu)

Trustees =
Trustees oversee the financial aspects of operating the church, including the church property. For more about the Trustees, please go to the Leadership page. (Trustees: Tania Agrawal Lee Davis, Dick Day, Fred Gilbreth)

Welcome and Connection
Welcome and Connection serves and supports the worship services on Sundays and other times by focusing on greeting and bulletin distribution, ushering, and serving communion.
(Welcome and Connection leaders: Laura Crim, Donna Daley, David McCreary)

Worship Arts Ministry =
Directed by Trinity staff, this ministry helps the congregation enter into an atmosphere of celebratory worship on Sundays and other times through a variety of media. The Worship Arts Ministry includes singing, playing an instrument, acting, dancing, or reading scripture. For more on the Worship Arts Ministry, please go to the Worship page. (Worship Director: Dave Kim)

Youth Ministry
Our Youth Ministry, CONQUEST, serves, instructs, and develops the youth of Trinity. It also provides points of connection for parents of youth. For more on the Youth Ministry, please go to the CONQUEST Youth page.