Encourage the Faithful
TBC supports many missionaries in locations from Africa to the U.S. We also have quite a few right here in New York! Take a glance at the missionaries we support and scroll down to see what they are doing. There you can access some of their latest letters and contact them about their prayer requests.

Share Your Faith
In conjuction with our Christian Education department, we are offering classes and training for sharing your faith, whether it be in street evangelism to perfect strangers or lifestyle evangelism with your friends, family and co-workers.

Short-Term Missions Trips
Trinity believes that laypeople – the general congregation, even you – should try missions themselves. We have sent people to Kosovo, Mexico, and many other places. Lives are changed – both those ministered to and those doing the ministering.

Our Missionaries

Sandy Barnett – Cru Inner City (New York)
Jaan & Shirley Heinmets – Cru Inner City (Colorado Springs, CO)
Melissa Immel – Cru, The JESUS Film Project
Sam & Miriam Nadler – Word of Messiah Ministries, Charlotte, NC
Ross & Cindy Queener – CruNYC, Campus Ministry
Gail Reinsmith – Cru Inner City (New York)
Steven & Carol Smith – CONVERGE
Julie Añil – Cru (Dominican Republic)

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28:19

More About Our Missionaries

Sandy Barnett
Cru Inner City (New York)

New York, NY
(718) 391-4500
Email: Sandy Barnett
It is a great joy to be on staff in New York City with Here’s Life Inner City, the urban ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. I have the privilege of traveling around the city, listening to the needs of inner city churches as they face the challenges of their communities. It is a very special moment when God uses me to help expand their effectiveness by connecting them to the variety of ministry training resources available through Here’s Life Inner City for youth and adults. I do this by hosting conferences that demonstrate our resources in action or by visiting ministries in person. Sometimes you will find me helping people in crisis using a curriculum called Holistic Hardware, a Biblical approach to practical life skills. Another ministry tool I am excited about is WorkNet, a career development curriculum for churches to use to reach the at-risk population by teaching them how to find meaningful employment. I have found these opportunities to be tremendous ways to meet critical needs in people’s lives and, most importantly, to open doors to sharing the love of Jesus Christ in the process.If you want to learn more about this ministry, contact www.cru.org and go to Other U.S. Ministries.
Jaan & Shirley Heinmets
Cru Inner City (Colorado Springs, CO)
Email: jheinmets@aol.com
Jaan & Shirley minister with Here’s Life Inner City. Jaan directs the Lift Up America (LUA) ministry to the inner cities across America. LUA brings together the abundant resources available in the U.S. and uses them to help the neediest communities.
Melissa Immel
Cru, The JESUS Film Project
Email: Melissa Immel
Until February 1, 2004, I worked with the Christian Embassy at the United Nations (www.christianembassyun.com).  After five years of working with Christian Embassy, I feel called to transfer to another Campus Crusade for Christ “subsidiary” called The Jesus Film Project (www.jesusfilm.org) on a new initiative called “The Emerging Generations Initiative” (www.emerginggenerations.org) as a Media Producer.Emerging Generations (E-Gen) began under the leadership of Paul Eshleman and Clyde Taber of the Jesus Film Project.  The task is to use media: film, television, radio, the internet, and other technologies such as CD-Rom or DVD to help a new generation embrace Christ, creating communities of devoted followers worldwide. Recognizing the power of image, story, and the spiritual journey, the E-Gen team values working alongside other ministries to connect with an audience that thinks in image, is entertained digitally, and longs for authenticity.  Our Challenge at E-Gen is to open the eyes of a new generation by connecting with people on their spiritual journey, helping them to find faith in Christ.We do this through:
— new technologies such as CD Rom, DVD, and the Internet
— the languages of this generation:  Film, Music, Writing, and Design.Some of our projects include:
— “The Oracle” interactive CD-ROM
— “Who is I am?” website
— “Jesus — Fact or Fiction?” DVD
— Damah Film Festival
— Prayer.  Without prayer, and God’s direction all of our efforts would be in vain.
— Partnering with believers globally, equipping them with creative strategies.Prayer Requests:The Oracle Project: Please pray for me as I have been asked to take a leadership role in this project. We are facing several obstacles right now and I’m at a bit of an advantage, coming into the project so late. Jesus Fact or Fiction DVD (www.jesusfactorfiction.com).  Pray that the marketing company will put the JFOF DVD in stores and that thousands of people will get the answers to their questions. Also, pray for the 100,000 people who will receive the JFOF DVD when they order The Passion at  Family Christian Bookstores.
Sam & Miriam Nadler
Word of Messiah Ministries, Charlotte, NC

Children: Joshua, Matthew
Word of Messiah Ministries
PO Box 21148, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone/Fax 704-362-1927
Email: Sam Nadler
Sam’s ministry is Word of Messiah, based in North Carolina. Find out more at the official website.
Ross and Cindy Queener
Cru NYC, Campus Ministry

Children: Carin, Meg
(212) 280-1059
Email: Ross Queener
Email: Cindy Queener
Ross and Cindy give leadership to the Cru NYC Campus Ministry. We are laboring with our team to build a caring community of college students in the Metro Area that are passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. To that end, we engage with student leaders on various campuses to build spiritual movements where students learn to live out their faith, learn how to communicate with others about their faith, and where people that don’t yet know Jesus can learn what it means to follow Him.
Gail Reinsmith
Cru Inner City (New York)
(718) 391-4500
Email: Gail Reinsmith
Steven & Carol Smith
Baptist General Conference 

Children: Sarah, Anna, Joel, Julia
Email: Stephen and Carol Smith
The Smith’s continue to develop and work with the training of national church leadership through church-based theological education. They also serve at the Abobo Djomi church.
Julie Añil
Cru (Dominican Republic)
I lived in New York City for the past 23 years, involved in mission work with a non-profit religious organization, Cru. I work with a branch of Cru called Neighborhood Focus, which reaches immigrant neighborhoods within their own communities.I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. I attended William Woods College, a small women’s college, in Fulton, Missouri. I graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Spanish. During my junior year of school, I received a Rotary Undergraduate Scholarship to study abroad for a year at the University of the Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. During that year, I lived with a Colombian family.Later, I lived in the Middle East for several years, in the countries of Lebanon, Jordan, and the West Bank of Israel, working as a missionary. I studied Arabic at Beirut University College in Beirut, and the Kelsey School in Amman, Jordan.I am a former member of Trinity Baptist Church, where I served on the Missions Commission for several years.Our Christian witness in the world is so important. I consider it a privilege to be called to serve and I am deeply grateful for your prayers and support of my ministry.
Love in Christ,
Julie Añil