Come take a look at some of the exciting things that God has accomplished here at Trinity during this past year.  Our FY2015 Annual Report is now available for download. Use the link below to download the report.

TBC FY2015 Annual Report


It is our conviction that God’s purpose for our church is to be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of those who come through our doors, no matter what age or ethnicity. We know that we do not bring about that transformation—God does. We also know that throughout history God chose to use His people—a community united by His love—as agents of His transformative power. So we are committed to helping people, wher- ever they are in their journey of faith, to grow deeper in their understand- ing of who God is, who he created us to be, and the fullness of life that He came to offer.

We’ve boiled all that down to this statement:

Trinity is an international and multigenerational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in faith, obedience, and joy, as we go out to advance God’s kingdom.

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