August 20, 2020

In July, the Racial Reconciliation Task Force at Trinity began meeting to address biblical diversity at Trinity. In light of recent racial tension in our country, we wanted to make sure that we are in line with God’s view of how the Church should treat individuals. Biblical diversity really addresses two major issues: value and uniqueness.

Isaiah declares “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way”. We know from the Apostle Peter’s prophecy “God shows no partiality”, but as individuals and as nations, we have shown favoritism towards some, and have not treated others as equals.

Genesis 1 tells us that mankind was created in the image of God. Everyone. If all humans bear the image of God, then we all have intrinsic value and worth in God’s eyes and should, therefore, be equal in value in each other’s eyes. Culture and society have falsely taught us that certain people have more value because of their wealth, position, beliefs, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. But our biblical perspective tells us otherwise. We choose to follow God’s way and value each person as a precious son or daughter of God.

In addition to equal value and worth, we are also all unique. Not a single person is exactly the same. So while we all have equal value in God’s eyes, we are beautifully different in the way we have been made. That, too, is a biblical truth. Psalm 139 speaks of being ‘knit together’ and Matthew 10 says that even the hairs of your head are numbered. Each of us was crafted as a unique handiwork of God – fearfully and wonderfully made. If we are not all the same, then doesn’t God have purpose and pleasure in his unique creations?

The Racial Reconciliation Task Force will take some time to think about how we can better encourage the body of Christ at Trinity to value and love each other better as brothers and sisters in Christ and rid ourselves of bigotry and the societal sins that plague us. They will brainstorm a few ideas that Trinity can implement within the next year to help us grow in racial justice and biblical diversity. We want NYC to know that we are Christians by our love of one another as unique and valued children of God, equal and precious in His sight.

We look forward to putting these ideas into practice as early as this fall. If you have any questions, please contact them at

Meet the Racial Reconciliation Task Force

Betsy Bond

Betsy Bond has been at Trinity since 1991, and has served in many capacities: membership, pastoral search, nominating, elder board, Worship Leader, Front Door, and as a Counter.  The most important part of her Trinity life has been her involvement in trips to Rwanda, and she misses not being there this year (you can call her “Ingabire,” her Rwandan name).

Pam Bradley

Pamela Bradley is a mother, an educator, and advocate for children. She has attended Trinity since June 2019. She is a member of the Prayer Team and is a member of the 50+ Women’s small group. She is also an alumni of Christian Healing Ministries.

Connie Lewin

Connie Lewin has been attending Trinity since 2006. She has served in many roles at Trinity including the Board of Trustees, the leadership board of The Walk, women’s small groups, and currently as a co-leader of Conquest high school youth ministry.

Lea Smith

Lea Smith has attended Trinity since 2014. She has been part of several women’s small groups and has served as a co- leader of The Walk and Conquest Youth Ministry and now organizing communion servers. Most recently, she has gone on two mission trips with Trinity’s Rwanda Missions team (2017 and 2019).

Timothy Tien

Timothy Tien has attended Trinity since 2002. His involvement in church life since that time includes the Worship Ministry, couples’ small groups, Bright Beginnings Children’s Ministry, Conquest youth ministry, Freed-Up Financial Living classes, and as an elder. He and his wife, Alice, have been married since 1995, and they have three children: Ellie, Gabi, and Theo.

Ray Villegas

Ray Villegas is the husband to Sarah and father to Jaden and Reuel. They have been attending Trinity since 2014. Ray currently serves as a small group leader for a Trinity men’s group that meets every Tuesday morning.

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