4 Point Prayer: East – Sonal Adhav

Heavenly Father, You alone have given us the power to change the world! We face the east and bless everything that You have given us charge over. We invite You to charge the atmosphere with Your presence starting right here in this church and moving out toward Queens and Brooklyn. Thank You that Your hand covers the businesses, families and schools in this area. We invite You Lord to make the people of Queens and Brooklyn a people who carry the language and lyric of heaven. May their dreams be more powerful than their memories, may they each be overwhelmed with Your goodness and grace. Your Word reminds us that ignorance of You isn’t a luxury anyone can afford in times like these! (1 Cor. 15:34) Make us a people who are constantly growing in the knowledge of You.

Lord, we bless the countless travelers that come and go through both LaGuardia and JFK airports each day. We declare that these airports are our territory to hold! We release the blessing of Your kingdom on every traveler who moves through these airports each year. May they infect and affect every place that they go with the blessing of God that covers them because they have come through territory You have given us charge over! Lord, we ask that You bless the coming in and going out of every traveler to our city. All buses, all trains, all subways, and those moving on foot are covered by Your protection. Thank You Lord!

Heavenly Father, let the spirit of wisdom and revelation rest upon the first responders, police officers and fire fighters in our city. Let the eyes of their understanding be enlightened; let their hearts be flooded with light. We rebuke spiritual blindness over those who are called to protect this city. Give them Your eyes, Lord. Let them receive Your understanding and wisdom.

Papa, as we prepare to be launched into the city today to be Ground Takers for Your kingdom we ask for divine appointments for every single person who is going out to walk and pray in this city over the next 6 weeks! Allow us to be used to serve those in need from the north to the south to the east to the west! In Isaiah 6, You ask “Who will go for Us? And just like Isaiah we say “we’ll go, send us”!

Come Breath of God, from the four winds and breathe into these places that they may live.
-Ezekiel 37:9


4 Point Prayer: North – Betty Berg

We raise our hands, hearts, and prayers to the north, Father. Cover our neighbors to the north with the yearning for You Lord. Give them an unquenchable desire to seek and know You. Raise up workers together in Your harvest.

Father, You say in Your word that You will sustain the sick upon their bed, in their illness You will restore them to health.

Jehovah Rapha, bless all those who work alongside You caring for the sick in hospitals and clinics. Give them wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. Guide all doctors, nurses, medical aids, food providers, medical researchers, and pharmacists. Holy Spirit, hover over the following hospitals in our city: Sloan-Kettering, New York Presbyterian, Cornell and Columbia, Special Surgery, Lenox Hill, Mount Sinai, Harlem, Lincoln, and Montefiore. May this year bring great strides in curing diseases!

Thank You that You give us the power to heal through our prayers and petitions raised up to Your throne. Father, we ask that You bind and cast out all spirits of division, separation, hatred, violence, anger, rebellion, unforgiveness, greed, and evil, throughout our city, state, and nation. Come Holy Spirit and fill us to overflowing with Your love, compassion, and righteousness. Come with fresh fire and anoint us to Your service.

Going on to the Bronx, Westchester, and all of New England, we pray for provision, financial stability, and job growth. Strengthen our family units, Lord. Fill us with Your joy, because the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Raise up Your people to be prayer warriors and doers of the Word. May the truth be preached in all churches and the fruit of the spirit shine on our faces and in our actions drawing people to You.

Thank you Jesus that New York City will keep the charge of the Lord our God, to walk in Your ways, to keep Your statutes, Your commandments, Your ordinances, and Your testimonies.

You are our God. You hear and answer prayers, so we thank You, Lord, that our mouth is filled with laughter and our tongues with joyful shouting. We will say among the nations, the Lord has done great things for us! Amen.

Come Breath of God, from the four winds and breathe into these places that they may live.
-Ezekiel 37:9


4 Point Prayer: West – Brad Darling

As we turn our bodies and eyes towards the west, we focus our attention on the over 550,000 people who walk or drive through Central Park and Times Square each day. We pray for their safety as they visit and enjoy our city.

We invite the Holy Spirit to soften and infill the hearts of all those who travel across our City and we call forth a season of revival and the embracing of David’s prayer from 1 Chronicles 29: Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is Yours. Yours, Lord, is the kingdom; You are exalted as head over all.

Father, as the Creator of all things, we lift up all of those who work and perform on Broadway, Lincoln Center and the various theaters and dance halls across our city. We rejoice in Your great love for the work of our hands, voices, and feet and ask You to help us to reflect that love in our creative endeavors.

We call forth your blessing and mercies upon all of the schools, colleges, and universities that call NYC home. May these institutions be lively centers for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom. Grant those who teach and those who learn to be filled with the truth that is Your wisdom and instruct them to raise up learners that are grounded in Your love and identity for their lives.

We also lift up all those who work at not–for–profit organizations and are dedicated to issues of social justice, humanitarian relief, reconciliation, equality and peacebuilding. Pour out Your anointing of wisdom and discernment over these organizations and the people who work for them. Give them Your heart for the people they serve and guard them against burnout and cynicism.

As the earth shudders under the weight of our escalating sin, raise up a generation of men, women and youth who want to be called a “house of prayer for all nations.” Lord, we pray that You will awaken us to the call You have for each of our lives. Awaken us from slumber. Let us walk vigilantly in this hour.

Strike from us passivity and apathy. Let us be alert to Your voice and alert to Your purpose! God, give us words of wisdom that will guide and influence many. Allow us to speak Your truth and release LIFE to a hurting generation. We declare that we want to shine brightly and become radiant light for Your glory and Your mercy.

We lift our hands up in agreement and wait expectedly to see how You will use our lives to advance your kingdom!

To You is all the honor, all the glory, and all the power!

Come Breath of God, from the four winds and breathe into these places that they may live.
-Ezekiel 37:9


4 Point Prayer: South – Debbie Darling

Accept our prayers as incense offered to You, Holy Father, and our upraised hands as an offering. (Ps.141)

UN – Papa, walk alongside all of Your global stewards at the UN who work to create a more just and peaceful world. Equip the United Nations community with a sense of urgency and humility that lets Your will be done. We pray that the United Nations would be the catalyst for wisdom and peace to save succeeding generations from war.

Grand Central – Heavenly Father, we ask for Your continued protection over the 750,000 commuters that pass through Grand Central each day. May a spirit of wisdom and revelation come upon each person made in Your image that passes through Grand Central! May Your glory stick to them like glue!

Wall Street – As our hands remain outstretched toward Wall Street we join our prayers with the thousands of prayers prayed over 150 years ago during the Wall Street Revival. May Your favor fall AGAIN like rain. You own the day and the night… it’s ALL Yours! As habitations of God we release a new fire and a fresh destiny over Wall Street.

Staten Island – We face Staten Island and offer prayers for Your protection over the people and businesses in this area. We call Staten Island blessed! Your favor and mercy is graciously poured out over them.

Washington DC – And further South, but still very much in our ‘prayer radius’, we ask for your guidance and protection over our leaders in Washington DC. May a latter rain fall washing it of all corruption and stagnation. We declare that You are raising up a generation of leaders that know that their identity is firmly rooted in You. We proclaim that Washington DC will lead the charge in wisdom, mercy, and hope among the nations.

Come, Breath of God, from the four winds and breathe into these places, that they may live.
-Ezekiel 37:9

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