In this time of transition for the church, we (prayer team) are calling the body together for a time of prayer and fasting for the finances, the search committee, and the transition of leadership at Trinity. We believe and know that God’s hand and wonderful designs are over this body of people. We see this time as an invitation from the Lord to go deeper before Him as a community united together. We see this as a time and an opportunity to build our testimony before the Lord in seeking his heart, provision, wisdom, and leading over His body.

Sign-up sheets will be downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. You can also use the sign-up sheet below. We’re asking for at least 1 person a day to cover the church in prayer and fasting for the next 40 days. You can team up with your friends and cover a day together or cover one day yourself. Our hope is that for the next 40 days this corporate body, that represents so many nations and nationalities across the world, would all come together as one before the Lord.  What a beautiful image — the global church coming together so that the purposes of the Lord would be manifested here on earth! We want to invite you all to intercede for this body specifically.

If it’s your first time fasting, we also will have sheets downstairs to explain fasting (see links below) and how our brothers and sisters of the past have sought the coming of His kingdom and will through fasting.  Every person, every prayer, and every sacrifice laid before the Lord counts and holds a measure of weight before the Lord.

A Guide to Fasting

Fasting 411

Who: Everyone! We hope for every day to be covered by at least 1 person but the more the merrier. Every prayer and person counts.

When: Fast will start Monday September 18th and end October 27th as the last day.

How: Sign-ups and prayer sheets will be downstairs in the Fellowship Hall after each service September 17th and October 1st & 15th. Or sign up right now on the sign-up sheet below.

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