At Trinity, we believe in biblical diversity and racial reconciliation.

Biblical diversity really addresses two major issues: value and uniqueness.

Genesis 1 tells us that mankind was created in the image of God. Everyone. If all humans bear the image of God, then we all have intrinsic value and worth in God’s eyes and should, therefore, be equal in value in each other’s eyes. Culture and society have falsely taught us that certain people have more value because of their wealth, position, beliefs, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. But our biblical perspective tells us otherwise. We choose to follow God’s way and value each person as a precious son or daughter of God.

In addition to equal value and worth, we are also all unique. Not a single person is exactly the same. So while we all have equal value in God’s eyes, we are beautifully different in the way we have been made. That, too, is a biblical truth. Psalm 139 speaks of being ‘knit together’ and Matthew 10 says that even the hairs of your head are numbered. Each of us was crafted as a unique handiwork of God – fearfully and wonderfully made. If we are not all the same, then doesn’t God have purpose and pleasure in his unique creations?

We seek to build unity in our diversity at Trinity. We do this through intentional biblical teaching and celebration of our diversity and cultures.

Our Racial Reconciliation Task Force has taken on the challenge of engaging the hearts and minds of people who wish to actively change the way they think about and live out biblical diversity and racial reconciliation.

We encourage everyone to journey with Christ towards understanding and embracing others as we are called to in the Bible.

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