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You’ve heard the old expression, “All roads lead to Rome”? Today we use it to refer to the idea that there are many different routes to the same goal, but the phrase was originally based on the fact that the Roman Empire’s excellent road system radiated from the capital like the spokes of a wheel, so that eventually you could connect everything back to Rome.

In the same way, the book of Romans is such a robust explanation of life that it touches just about everything! In fact, one could argue that Romans serves in the Bible as a nexus, a crossroads, a critical juncture where phenomenally humongous doctrines all meet and connect with life.

We started examining Romans in January when we kicked off this series. And so far we have addressed some very serious questions… Does God let us do whatever we want? Do I have the right to be self-righteous? Can we judge other people? Do I have any ‘credit’ with God? You can listen to the sermons to hear the answers that are found in Romans.

We are going to keep going down the Romans road and exploring the richness of this text through July! We will tackle some more challenging issues, such as: why good people suffer, revenge, how to stop struggling with sin and the sovereignty of God.

So join us as we continue this exciting journey of exploring what this book of the Bible has to say about life. “All Roads Lead to Romans.”

Keith Boyd, Lead Pastor

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