Only a few short weeks after the medical team returned in February, plans began for the next trip in July 2009 with much excitement.  The July team was one of our largest teams and definitely stayed busy while in Rwanda.  On this trip, Trinity built its 10th house in the district of Nyamagabe, conducted a children’s program with the children who congregated on the build site, visited a genocide memorial, spent time with our sponsored kids, visited the homes Trinity built in the past, attended local churches, learned more about the work of World Vision in Rwanda, participated in a community wide service day to help build a road, and visited an orphanage and the Keza Project in the capital of Kigali.  The house we built this year was a duplex and was a blessing of suitable living for the house beneficiaries – Pascasie and Agnes and their families.  The biggest surprise and blessing on this trip was working with genocide prisoners while building the house and during the service day.  Working with genocide prisoners first brought a sense of uneasiness, but as the team worked alongside them, shared laughs with them, and heard their testimonies, it proved to be one of the best learning experiences of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation, which are so important in the Rwandan culture.

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