In July 2013, another team from Trinity headed to Rwanda. The team helped with building a home for a woman named Genaste, and her two daughters, Eugenie and Immaculee. They also painted houses of past beneficiaries to help prevent water damage during the raining season and benefit the longevity of the homes overall. While at the build and paint sites, team members conducted children’s lessons on “urukundo” (love). The lesson times were a lot of fun and a big hit! The team also conducted a training in Nyamagabe for 60 pastors on Being Strategic in their Churches’ Missions and Forgiveness. As well, the team conducted a two-day Global ALPHA Training (GAT) in Gisenyi for 50 pastors. During a day spent with World Vision, the team had a special party with sponsored children and their families and also visited some of the sponsored children’s homes. Throughout the trip, the team visited previous house beneficiaries, as well as learned about needs and potential new projects for investment in the Gasaka sector. Additionally, the team spent time at a preschool and vocational school for the Kigeme Refugee Camp, which is housing over 20,000 Congolese refugees who have had to flee their country. Overall, the trip was about showing God’s love and was a special time for all.

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