Trinity Baptist Church’s Rwanda Missions began with a prayer by Pastor Keith Boyd for increased personal compassion. God answered that prayer by sending Keith on a World Vision trip to Rwanda in October of 2004. Since then, Trinity’s Rwanda Missions has grown into a strong partnership with the people of Rwanda. Trinity has built homes for 19 families in its two adopted villages and has raised financial resources for 30 cows, 5 water wells, 2 vocational centers, a primary school, and child sponsorships through World Vision. Since 2010, Trinity has also trained over 450 pastors and other church leaders on how to run ALPHA, a course that introduces people to the basics of the Christian faith. In addition, since 2012, Trinity has trained pastors and church leaders in the communities it supports on various topics, including effective church ministries, forgiveness, mobilizing for discipleship, and servant leadership. Trinity sends missions teams every year to build relationships, learn needs, and serve the people of Rwanda.

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The “All In For Rwanda” campaign, raising support for two schools in Rwanda – The Gitantu Trinity Primary School and the Kigeme Vocational Training Center, raised almost $60,000, bringing the total raised for the two schools since 2012 to $170,000! We are grateful and encouraged by the continued growth we see at the schools each year. Please watch this 5 minute video to see the progress first hand.

Past Mission Trips

1h_tbc_past_mission_tripsIf you would like more information or to participate in Trinity’s Rwanda Missions, please contact Jamie Craig or Sarah Page, Deacons of Rwanda Missions, via email at Rwanda_Missions@TrinityNY.org. You can sign up for the next mission here.



Since 2005, Trinity has built homes for 19 families in our two adopted villages. Below are pictures of our house beneficiaries. Please pray for them and their families!