Rwanda team 2016

The Rwanda Mission team will be leaving July 8 and returning July 22 and they need your help.

Please pray for safe travels to and from Rwanda for our team. There are also specific prayers for each day of their trip. Click here for their prayer calendar and print it out to keep them in prayer every day!

They are asking for large suitcases with wheels which will not be returned. The suitcases do not need to be new, but should be in working condition. They also need pens, crayons and stickers! Please do NOT drop off clothing. Donations can be brought to Trinity on Sundays during the service or throughout the week during office hours. (NOTE: Trinity’s office will be closed on Fridays during the summer.) All donations must be received by July 6.

You can help the team tremendously by donating to individuals through First Giving here:

Or, you can always give a check and include Rwanda in the memo line.


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