Trinity had the opportunity to make the goal of a medically focused trip a reality. During our February trip, seventeen team members spent two weeks in Rwanda focusing efforts on meeting basic medical needs and educating Rwandans on healthcare issues while being a physical representation of the Love of Christ. Trinity Baptist Church’s Rwanda mission program is about building relationships, houses, trust, partnerships, and love.  It is about playing games, singing, praying, providing children’s ministries, learning, teaching, and addressing medical needs, all within the context of the house building sites.  When we come to build houses with the Rwandese, everyone is transformed, saints step forward, and we see true honesty and love abound. At its essence, it is all LOVING as Jesus Loved, and RECEIVING love as Jesus loved. There are moments we share laughter; there are moments we share tears.  And often those moments comingle in a way that can only be described as “holy”. On each trip we visit genocide memorials and hear individuals’ heart-wrenching stories of losing their families. But we also hear of their hope and all that they are doing to work toward true forgiveness and reconciliation, none of which can happen apart from God’s grace.

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