Is commitment restrictive or empowering? Discover the power of going All In.

Many people are averse to commitment.  The thinking is, “If I make a commitment, I give up freedom. I give up control. I give up individuality.” But there’s an alternative opinion that says it’s actually only when you make a commitment that you are free to find the kind of trust that makes for intimacy or that makes for community. We actually find our identity when we make commitments.  And the commitment that should drive all others is our commitment to God.

Join us on January 8 as we begin this new series on commitment!

1.08  Commitment Phobia
1.15   Friends With Benefits
1.22   What’s Wrong?
1.29   In Person
2.05  Have You Got the Time?
2.12   Invest Wisely
2.19   Join
2.26  Whole Hearted

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