Average.  Unexceptional.  Run-of-the-mill.  Mediocre.

Not very exciting words, are they?

But for many of us, when we take an honest look at our lives, while we may not use those words, we would have to admit that life is not as full and as exciting as we’d like it to be.  Some might say, “Yeah, my life is not great, but it’s good enough.”

Well, if “good enough” is not enough for you, if you want life in all of its fullness, consider the offer God has made to us in his son, Jesus.  In him there is more life, more fulfillment, more exhilaration than anything the world has to offer.  When you meet Jesus, I mean really meet him, and learn from him, your life will never be the same.

Join us for Is ‘Good Enough’ Enough? as we journey through the New Testament letter called Hebrews.

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