150th CELEBRATION Where Do We Go From Here?
Speaker: Keith Boyd, Lead Pastor

Call to Worship and Invocation: James Leonard
Our Story: Jaan Heinmets (Trinity 1956-1965)
Video Testimony: Karin Larson (Trinity 1966-1968)
Worship Response: How Great Thou Art Cindy, Carin and Meg Queener (in Swedish)
Testimony: Ted and Meredith Gandy (Trinity 1976-present)
Our Story: Gordon and Gail MacDonald (Trinity 1989-1993)
Worship Through Giving: Because of Who You Are Trinity Choir with Heidi D’Alessandro (words and music by Martha Munizzi)
Our Story: Mel Cure (Trinity 1995-2002)
Testimony: Beth Markham (Trinity 1998-present)
Our Story: Where Do We Go From Here? Keith Boyd (Trinity 1992-present)
Worship at the Table
Send Out

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