God Working Through Trinity

Out of the blessings that God has given to you, your generosity through Trinity has changed lives right here in New York City and around the world. When you give of your time, talent and treasure to what God is doing in this world you become part of God’s redemption story.

If you have been to Trinity recently, you will have heard testimonies each week of people who were found by Jesus and made new and free. Some were rescued from addiction, pride, abuse, anger, self-centeredness, shame or other states of brokenness. All of their testimonies are recorded at the beginning of the sermon podcasts. Listen to their redemptive stories and rejoice with our brothers and sisters in their new depth of relationship with Jesus.

Some of the stories of people who have been redeemed can be found right here.

Celebratory Worship

One definition of worship is “where the sacred meets the profane”, where we center on God, and include everyone who is interested in meeting Him, even curious onlookers. We regularly come before our Heavenly Father and submit to His authority and power. We come with reverence and holy fear, but also in love and joy for the redemptive work He is doing in our individual lives, and in His church. We come together as a body of believers, whose Head is Jesus Christ, and celebrate His life, death, resurrection; and, the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work through us. Worship is the process of giving everything over to Him, setting ourselves apart for His purpose, and transcending our brokenness.