A cold drizzle was not exactly what we’d hoped for as we made our way to Tompkins Square Park Saturday morning, October 3rd.

Coming from all corners of the city, eleven of us from the Tuesday Night Women’s Bible Study arrived at 8:00 am. It seemed early to us, but others had gotten there much earlier. Huddled under plastic sheets and broken umbrellas, men and women were already forming a line.

They expected the Bowery Mission to faithfully arrive with food, and they wanted to be ready.

Spencer, an alumnus of the Bowery program, directed us as we stacked the prepared crates of apples, carrots, beets, juice and other food items. Before we began to serve, we shook hands with each of the folks waiting in line. We gave and received warm smiles. And the rain stopped.

We were struck by many things during the hour we distributed food. Many of the recipients were senior citizens, and we grieved that at this season of life they were struggling. We were encouraged by the dedication of the Bowery folks, working in the early morning hours to pick up and assemble the food. And we recognized with fresh eyes how rich our lives are.

Several Tuesday Night women have now taken steps to volunteer with Bowery Mission projects, an ongoing legacy of a rainy Saturday morning.

-Meredith Gandy

This service opportunity was provided to Trinity by Hope for New York (HFNY). To see what opportunities are coming up, please visit: https://www.trinityny.org/serviceopportunities/

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