We are headed to the Poconos! This is a one-day opportunity to help get the camp ready for kids returning to camp this year. Trinity is taking a team of 10 people to help make the camp beautiful and ready for some serious fun!

Depart 7:00am on Saturday, July 17, from Trinity or meet us at the camp by 9:30am if you are using your own transportation.

Service options are varied. You can assist in certain camp areas (handing out equipment, being a host to help families, working in the kitchen, dining area, etc.). Flexibility and willingness to serve are key!

A campfire devotional will be the final event which will end around 9:00pm. An individual with their own transport can leave at that point or choose to stay the night in a camp cabin. There are group rooms for the team split by gender and a few private rooms within the cabin itself.

The rest of the team will stay overnight. We will have breakfast and then head back to NYC with an ETA of 12pm.

Meals and the Saturday night stay are covered.

Please email Main@TrinityNY.org if you are interested in going! Let us know if you have transportation or are willing to provide transportation.

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