Trinity’s Worship Arts Team is proud to announce the release of our new album Metanoia, a collection of 10 original songs written and performed by members of our worship community!

Behind the Name

metanoia | [met-tah-NOY-ah] | noun
The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

A few years ago, a group of us were working on our first Ash Wednesday service at Trinity. Trinity had never done a service like this before, nor had we particularly observed Lent in our traditional Baptist tradition. We found ourselves wrestling with the idea of penance, defaulting in our lack of experience to a medieval connotation of punitive consequence for sin. Further discussion, prayer, and soul-searching brought us to the ancient Greek word for penance – metanoia. Metanoia is not at all punitive, but an apt description of the journey to repentance, i.e., change. (You may recognize the root in a more familiar word, “metamorphosis.”) We are all on this journey, some further along the road than others, some even in the midst of a detour, but none of us have yet arrived at our destination. We are not “done.” But! Because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are on this road together – stumbling, walking, running, dancing – into the Light.



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About The Worship Arts Team of Trinity

Trinity Baptist Church is an international and multigenerational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in faith, obedience, and joy, as we go out to advance God’s Kingdom.

We are a church that reflects and celebrates the diversity of the city in which we live. On any given Sunday some thirty different languages may be heard here. Our congregation consists of families, singles, young, and old and spans the socio-economic spectrum. In this place, people from varied backgrounds genuinely desire authentic and enduring relationships with others and with God.

The Worship Arts Team of Trinity enjoys this same diversity. Artists and writers, Broadway actors and Wall Street brokers, we hail from six continents and span five generations – all striving towards one goal: to listen and hear the voice of God’s Spirit and to share His heart for His Church. This project is a labor of love – GOD’S love, for us, that we hope to reveal in our stories and prayer. Our stories are but pieces of His Story – a Story in which we pray that you, too, will find and embrace your role.

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